samedi, mai 10, 2008

Père-Lachaise (aka: El Padre-Lasilla!)

Well I really had a great time there, it was definetely one of my dreams, to see the tombeaux of people that I really admire!!!!

4 commentaires:

Dídac a dit…

oooh que encantador, que se le alla pasado, en lugaran tan precisos y hermosos... en hora buena!!

Saludos, y si I missed you!!

Fabio a dit…

Guapetón, pedazo de fotos... increíbles!
las he disfrutado
saludos :)

MR style a dit…

it's such a cool place in Paris even if it's a bit scary too no ?!!

Imelda Matt a dit…

One of my favorite places in Paris...great blog!